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Mini Mart, consignment Store, Clothing Store, Furniture Store, Jewelry Store, Gift Store, Pet Store and etc.

F&B Business

QSR, Casual Dining TSR, Fine Dining TSR, Hot Pot Restaurant, Buffets and smörgåsbord, Café and Cafeteria, Pub and etc.

Spa and Salon

Hair and Styling Salon, Nail Salon, Facial and Skin Care Treatment Salon, Massage and Spa Salon, different clubs and etc.

How Does Your Revenue Increase with Revopos ?

With variety of marketing strategies, your business’s revenue will be boosted


Customer Relationship Management system is the core for every business. CRM helps businesses build a good relationship with their customers that, in return, creates loyalty and enhance customer retention.

Treat regular customers with more benefits by rewarding points which can be exchanged into a good or service.  Notifying customers with the points via a SMS is all built in system.

What can be more attractive than giving back some credit in their CRM account whenever a customer purchases something.  Customers are willing to visit your business to spend more and pay less.

Understand more about your customers by looking at the in-depth analysis of their spending behaviors. Broadcast some promotions to your target customer base via SMS.

To keep your business always on their minds. You can easily create a birthday template in one of our SMS template editors and send blessing message populated dynamically with data via a SMS. 

Our SMS Service has a 99.8% receivable and a 99% open rate compared to email marketing, which builds up a concrete communication channel between you and your customers.

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Seamless and localized Payments

We have built up strong partnerships with local payment company to make up our system more localized and tailored for your needs.

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